Academic weekly plan - الرسالة الاسبوعية

Academic weekly plan - الرسالة الاسبوعية
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Qiyam Center


Qiyam center
Qiam Center seeks to promote values of respect (respect for science, respect for school systems, respect for teachers and administrators, respect for colleagues, Cooperate with them and respect them). In addition to the value of the system (adherence to the time of the lessons, return from prayer without delay, preservation of property, discipline during the weekly assembly, behavior in the canteen). In October, we focused on enhancing the value of balance between science and faith and the balance between originality and innovation (including respect for the cultural and civilizational heritage of the State of Qatar - past and present). In November, the value of pride in excellence and creativity was taken care of.

Qiam Center has carried out several measures to promote these values, including: Respect and Order Workshops in cooperation with the Road to the Summit with the Department of Advocacy and Guidance at the Ministry of Awqaf and Qayyim Magazine, a monthly journal that is followed and enriched by students. Intensive meetings with students, lectures by distinguished speakers, lecturers and trainers, recreational activities within and outside the school on weekends in partnership with Sheikh Eid Charitable Foundation, the play And the representation of a song about respect (we are soldiers of knowledge) and all of the performance of students in the school, participation in planting beneficial trees in partnership with the Foundation Sheikh Eid, the most beautiful class competition throughout the semester, afternoon prayer in the school and read some selected narrations From “Riyad Al-Salihin” after the prayer, provided that the imam is one of the students of the Department of Preserving and Exegesis, and that he should give a paragraph to talk to the worshipers of all the students of the school (every single day).